Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Noc and Gooden to Sac for Salmons and Miller.

Quick thoughts: Upgrade in the frontcourt because ...
- No more Noc and Gooden (more minutes for TT and Noah)
- Miller should get Gray's minutes (Miller has some basketball skills)

Love getting Salmons, but my only concern is that it might bury Gordon. Salmons is bigger and can fill it up, and with Gordon leaving (now almost certainly?) - it might be hard to find tick for both.

Also, whichever team gets the best (or headline) player usually "wins" an NBA trade ... I think we got the best of this deal (I hope so because they were dumping salary) and the ESPN headline reads "Bulls get Miller, Salmons from Kings in big deal"


Interesting long-term thoughts on the trade - "Chicago needed a post presence, and Miller provides that to some degree despite the fact that he's not exactly the player he once was, and Salmons should be a much more effective backup three than Nocioni was. However neither of these two guys push Chicago over the hump and make them immediate contenders.

The point, it seems, was to turn the Bulls into a free agency player in 2010 while putting out a slightly more competitive team for fans to nibble on while they wait to land a big fish. With Hughes and Miller both expiring that summer Chicago will have $25 million off their books. If rumors about Kirk Hinrich getting shipped to Minnesota in exchange for even more cap space (Jason Collins and Rashad McCants or Brian Cardinal), the Bulls will have freed up another $9 million.

Nocioni and Hinrich are the two guys most agreed the Bulls could afford to lose now that Luol Deng has been signed to a lucrative contract and Derrick Rose is clearly the team's future at point guard. Getting out of those two contracts to pursue a bigger ticket item in '10 would prove to be pretty savvy for a GM like John Paxson, especially considering he's expected to step down from that role in the next week."

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PezzaXtremo said...

Its a fabulous fabulous trade in all aspects. The only thing you lose are the most intensity in the league and the most awkward interviews in the league, but neither were worth that contract. John Salmons provides the Bulls with what I've felt they needed more than a post presence over the last few years, a big 2 who can stop guys.

I'm hoping Ben moves to the Bench, he is much better suited there. He's never been a franchise answer at the 2 and it won't happen with # 1on the team.

It will be interesting to see if Kirk is moved this year. In my opinion, he shouldn't be. He is still the captain and a mentor to D and he is now their best 3pt shooter with Noc leaving. Plus he still gets cred around the league as someone who can stop in the backcourt and throw off the pace of the opponents offense.

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