Friday, February 13, 2009

Great idea ...

teams should rank their assets. Idea is that you would not trade #1, more willing to trade lower down the list. Here's my quick list for the Bull:

1. D-Rose (enough said)
2. Tyrus Thomas (almost as untouchable as Rose)
3. Luol Deng
4. Joa-Noah (looking good, could be a legit center on a fast-paced team)
5. Ben Gordon (higher if we could keep him without breaking the bank)
6. Kirk Hinrich
7. 2009 Draft pick
8. Noc
9. Gooden
10. Aaron Gray
11. Lindsey Hunter, Ced Simmons, Michael Ruffin
12. Larry Hughes

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Unknown said...

Why is tyrus thomas untouchable. What is his potential ceiling? Amare? Great blog site by the way. keep up the good work.

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