Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Excellent thoughts

from KMart in a fanpost on Blogabull - "The more I weigh this trade...

The more I feel like we are partially betting against ourselves on this one. Even though there are a lot of teams looking to add Amare, I feel like even some of our stinker packages are better than the best offers some other teams are making.

I am starting to believe that Tyrus is untouchable. I think it would make more sense to hold on to him and let him and Derrick develop alongside one another. I would also like to see what Noah could do after a second (hopefully serious) offseason.

I’m becoming increasingly skeptical that this trade makes us better in the long run. It feels like Wallace/Chandler version 2.0… or even worse J Kidd/Devin Harris.

Offer any combo of Noc, Kirk, Hughes, Gooden, Simmons, Thabo, Gordon, and picks and see if they’ll take that. If they don’t then what have we really lost besides Amare – a knee?

In the offseason/next year we can package Hughes expiring with Noc and Kirk for a difference maker. (and if we can’t do that we’ll at least have the $ to make a run at some 2010 FA’s)

Keep Noah, Tyrus, Deng, and Rose as a young nucleus and give each of them 35-40 mins a game for the rest of the season. See if they can get you in the playoffs and see what you have from there. I feel that now would be a mistake to give up on all of our young talent especially since they have begun to show what they are capable of night in and night out."

It sounds legit. The Suns have shown interest in Kirk, so if we can make him the centerpiece, along with Gooden's expiring, Thabo (or Noah if necessary) and some picks; I would pull the trigger. There is virtually nothing that could get me to trade TT (as I've been saying for weeks/months). If he continues to work on his J this summer, it makes the D-Rose/TT pick and roll even better next year. Teams would have to respect that and it would open the slip screen (which is all he does now). If TT and Noah can each develop one legit post move (it cannot be that hard if Aaron Gray has a drop step), we would have a legit 4 and 5. Luol is the perfect compliment in a pick and roll offense, knocking down his 18-20 footers. All of a sudden we have 4 legit parts out of 5? Crazy to think.
I would love Amare, who wouldn't? But the Suns are not getting fair exchange, so we shouldn't be the team offering way more than other teams. If we could get him to be the "veteran" with Luol, Rose and TT - so fun to watch and would only get better. Here's a trade being tossed around that will never happen!

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