Sunday, February 15, 2009


To a comment received (from Derek) on the "ranking assets" post from a few days ago - "Why is tyrus thomas untouchable. What is his potential ceiling? Amare?"

I would have to agree that TT's ceiling is Amare, but it's clear that Amare already reached that ceiling. I realize he is "only 26" but he is already in his 7th NBA season and gone through microfracture surgery. Plus his best numbers came under Dantoni, a system that is currently making Chris Duhon look spectacular in NY. Amare is great and that is meant to take nothing away from him - but some of the numbers are the result of the system. It also seems like he might be a bit of a bad locker-room / teammate (got Matrix traded, but now still having problems).

D-Rose is only 20, and it takes most PGs 3-4 years to reach their potential, NBA prime is usually 26-31 or about 1000 career games. That means D-Rose's prime is 6 years away, and Amare is entering his prime now. By the time Rose hits his prime, Amare will be on the decline. On the other hand, TT is only 22 and beginning to show signs of greatly improving. He started developing a jumpshot this summer (which Amare didn't get right until 2 years ago), and can certainly bulk up and develop a post game because he's only 22. If he continues on that growth curve, he can develop with D-Rose - so even if his prime is Amare-esque, it will better coincide with D-Rose's prime. Plus, no micro-fracture surgery on his knees. Not to mention the fact that TT is a great weak-side defender, and Amare has shown a complete lack of desire to play any defense.


Jerrid wanat said...

I can't disagree with that.

Kmart said...

JJ as I was debating the trade I didn't see Thabo on your list of assets. I'm curious if you would put him ahead of or behind the 2009 pick.

Assuming we had to include one of these two in a trade. Which would you give up. Thabo or the pick?

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