Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great chat

from Bill Simmons (and of course the D-Rose question caught my eye) - "Steve Chicago: Once it became clear that Pax hiring Del Negro was the sports equivalent of "Secret of My Success", only the exact opposite, the only thing I can look forward to is your NBA trade value column. When can I feel the joy of seeing Derrick Rose rated in the top 25?

Bill Simmons: I went Wednesday night and watching Dunleavy and Vinny go head to head reminded me of the days when David Charvet and Andrew Shue would act in the same scenes in Melrose Place. By the way, the Bulls couldn't be more miserable as a group... they all have glazed looks on their faces and no energy at all. We might have to send FEMA to Chicago to save Derrick Rose."

Assistant coaches

Larry Hughes (scroll all the way down)

Beat the Suns, Beat the Suns

Pick to win: Steelers (-7)
Cheering for: Cardinals

Final score: 27-17

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