Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bulls Very Active at Trade Deadline

In two days the Chicago Bulls managed to go from front office failure to deadline day winners acquiring the two most talented players to move teams on Wednesday. While unloading Nocioni's contract and shipping out Larry Hughes would have been successful in and of itself; perhaps the Bulls best move came after the dust had settled when it was discovered that Thabo Sefolosha was moved for a 2009 first round pick.

While it's unlikely that the pick will be in the lottery with Denver sitting comfortably at the 2 seed in the west, it certainly will have plenty of value in the offseason. The Bulls have to like their chances of being able to package their two first round picks with Kirk Hienrich, thus taking another hefty long-term salary off the books for 2010.

To me the Bulls have to be the clear cut winners on deadline day. While they didn't land the big fish in Bosh or Amare, they were able to get the next best players available from Sacramento, keep all of their young core assets (Derrick, Tyrus, Noah, & Luol) and perhaps most importantly position themselves to move (or be able to move) all of their bad contracts before 2010.

Does Paxson seriously want to resign now? This was perhaps his best 2-day stretch as GM since the Isiah fleece or the 1.7% death row pardon. 

Either way... it's starting to become fun to be a Bulls fan again.

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