Thursday, February 26, 2009

Konerko won't stand in the way of a trade if it helps team...

I know baseball really isn't in full swing yet, but it's coming soon enough so I feel obligated to add some Sox posts...after all they are part of the name of this sweet blog.

Chicago Sun-Times: Konerko open to a trade if it helps the White Sox

Konerko earned his "10 and 5 status" last year which means he has the right to veto any trade for his services. Paulie says that if the 2009 Sox are underperforming he would be open to a trade:
''You never know because the answer could be you help them by leaving,'' Konerko said. ''I would never be opposed to that. It doesn't have to be a breakup that's antagonistic. It doesn't have to be a thing where heads are butted.''

I love Paulie and think he'll bounce back and have a better offensive output this year than last year...he likely won't approach his stellar 2005 (.283/40/100) or 2006 seasons (.313/31/113) because he's getting old and his numbers have been declining, but I don't see why he can't put a .285/30/90 season together if he stays healthy, as the article states:

...his '08 season should get an asterisk: Konerko was battling a hand injury most of the first half, limiting him to a .217 average. As the hand got healthy, he hit .333 in August and then hit nine of his 22 homers in September.

But hopefully the Sox won't be in a position where they need to trade Paulie because they are playing horribly.

On an unrelated note, there's a team in my euchre league (yeah I'm in a euchre league, big whoop wanna fight about it?) named "Konerko's Bonerkos". What will they do if you leave Paul?

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