Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looked great against Magic

The Bulls came within two points of tying their season high for points and established a high with 48 field goals.

Rose scores 22 in win over Magic, but sits in fourth

The Bulls’ shooting was phenomenal: Almost 60 percent in the first half and over 56 percent for the game. Seven Chicago players scored in double figures. As a team, they scored 30 or more points in every quarter but the third. They won the rebounding battle 44-38. They limited their turnovers to 11 (and the Magic scored only 12 points off those miscues).

Legit concern at Blogabull -
The main problem with his over-reliance on the bench tonight wasn't as much this game in a vaccum, but what it could mean for future games, and especially future fourth quarters. This is because Vinny's already established himself as a bad NBA coach. If he were a good coach, there wouldn't be so much handwringing after a truly fantastic performance by the Bulls.

But we've seen where Kirk Hinrich has a couple good games and then he's left in a game against Indiana even though he's personally sabotaging the whole team (and Derrick Rose is on the bench). We've seen where Tyrus Thomas gets his minutes slowly stripped away under the guise of teaching professionalism. I'm not worried about the young guys losing confidence, I'm worried about the team being hurt by not playing their better players (who just happen to be young) more, and in crunch time.

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PezzaXtremo said...

I totally disagree with this assanine statement. Bad coaching would have been to put Derek Rose back in with an 18 point lead and over extend a rookie in a situation where it can only harm the team and his confidence. Hinrich, Tim Thomas, Salmons and Miller are all better defenders than Rose, Ty Thomas and Noah and as we've seen from competitive teams the ability to trade offense for defense is huge in the NBA today.

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