Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bull getting BOSH?!

Which team does not make this trade?

Raptors: Know they are losing Bosh in 2010 anyway, Amare is locked up
to a longer contract.

Suns: Want -1- young talent (TT), -2- draft picks (check), -3-
expiring contract (Gooden)

Bull: Assuming we can lock up Bosh to a long-term contract (which we
should be able to - big market & Bird Rights allow us to offer the
most $), then we are swapping TT's potential for Bosh's proven talent.

Sign me up!

Interesting - "This is a recurring theme here at FB&G, but I think it is a point that
is hard to repeat often enough — winning organizations have a
blueprint and stick with it. They know what kind of team they want to
be, they hire a coach that will execute that type of play on the
court, and then they go get players that fit that system."

What exactly is the Bulls' plan?? We've spent the last few years acquiring assets, but what are we actually doing long-term? (Apart from the obvious of building around D-Rose).


Kmart said...

To comment on the article from FB&G, what exactly was the Boston Celtics plan 2 years ago?

They were the worst team in the league who went into tank mode to get into the Oden/Durant sweepstakes, missed... then got Kevin McHale and the Seattle Oklahomas in salary dump mode to give up one a perennial All-Star for a pick, and one of the most elite 4's to ever play the game for Al Jefferson and some poo wearing sneakers.

DC said...


Some of the pieces are in place to make deals like the celtics...the McHale, the former Celtic, gifted Kevin Garnett to the Celtics for $.10 on the dollar...Steve Kerr is the GM of the Suns and a former Bull...he should pull a McHale and make the deal happen so we get Bosh or sell us Stoudemire for $.10 on the dollar too.

But the Sun are returning to the 7 seconds or less and want to keep Amare apparently...so this is all blowing smoke it seems.

Kmart said...

Yea... DC...

That was the point I was trying to make in so many words... You dont really need to have a plan... just have to catch lighting (stupidity) in a bottle

Steve Kerr... if you've ever been a Bull... we need you now more than ever. You love Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden... you really do!

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