Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Derrick Rose ESPN the Mag Feature

The Gamer Blog: Bulls phenom Derrick Rose talks video games, custom systems and crossing up Andre Miller

Derrick Rose was interviewed in the Playstation player's suite during All-Star weekend. Here are some of the highlights from the feature:

Your first year in the league and you already have one of the top selling jerseys, people are playing as you in the video games, how does it feel to get so famous so fast?

It feels good to know that fans really like my game and that I'm marketable like that. I never really thought that coming in, that I'd have the chance to be this marketable, but it's happening.

Did [your brothers] teach you your ambidextrous ways?

I actually broke my right arm when I was younger, so I kept working on my left hand. That's how I got like that.

Note: my first born son is getting a basketball for his 5th birthday followed by a crowbar to the tibia.

What's the one part of your game you need to work on in order to help the Bulls make a playoff run?

I need to work on my all-around game. Of course I'm a scoring point guard, but I've got to work on my dribbling. I need to get smarter about my decisions and I need to get a little more vocal. As a point guard, you need to be vocal. You need to be like a coach out on the court, you need to be the leader. Another thing, when I drive to the hoop, I need to make all of my layups. That's a big thing, being able to finish.

Love hearing him talk about being more vocal and more of a leader...this IS his team and the sooner he realizes it the better.

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Billay said...

Your tibia is in your lower leg. I think you meant to name a bone in the arm (humerus, radius, ulna perhaps)...good looking out.

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