Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on the trade

Good thoughts from Pez in yesterday's comments. My quick response: Although it would be nice to start a big player at Sg and finally not have the tiny backcourt, I'm fairly certain there is no chance that Salmons starts at the 2.

If he does start at SG the first three off the bench would be Kirk, BG and Noah (assuming Mad Bad Brad starts over him). That leaves no one (... Thabo?!) to spell Luol at the SF spot. Doesn't make sense to become that thin at SF and have 4 guards (Rose, Salmons, Kirk and BG) - when you could just have Salmons come off the bench and head up the second unit at SF. Salmons off the bench gives us much more lineup flexibility, as the first three would be Kirk, Salmons and Noah.

Not sure how this plays out long-term, but I don't think it makes sense to re-crowd the backcourt and intentionally create such a glaring weakness (no backup SF).

I do think Salmons starts at the 2 eventually (maybe next season), which makes BG expendable this offseason. Hopefully the Bull at least make him some kind of respectable offer without breaking the bank, because I will be sad to see the Bull' all-time leading 3PT shooter walk away.


Pete said...

While I like this trade, i hope paxon does something else today. I like both what miller and salmons can bring to the bulls (although i havent seen much of salmons). We still have a glut of guards. Miller brings defense and some offense, the bulls now have a hole at 4. Basically, gooden and noce took up any minutes at 4 that Ty wasnt playing. Who takes those minutes now?
A lineup with noah and miller at 4 and 5 is very slow and unathletic. Lou might be able to play some minutes there a game but he really cant guard 4s.
I hope pax can either flip salmons (i know a bunch of teams were interested)for someone who can play 3/4 and include either kirk or ben in the deal. I think this would give you a much more flexible lineup and free up minutes for your primary players to develop.

Duckfart said...

Personally, I really like this trade, and it seems like most people that visit the BullBearSock think likewise. With that being said, I wanted to bring up how outraged I've seen "Bulls fans" about this trade. I am not typically one to judge someone's fan legitimacy, but seeing how mad some people have gotten over this trade has made me question some Bulls fans' knowledge of how the league works. Most of the anger is centered around the Nocioni part of the trade.

I was just wondering if anyone has a legitimate explanation for this outrage by fans?

Are people confusing Noc's hard fouls with great defense?

Are they confusing his passion on the court a few years ago with the thoughtless bickering after every call in the 4th quarter this year?

Do they think the NBA has no salary cap, so his $8 mil a year is a small price to play for a "6th Man"? (He was more like our 7th man at times)

What is the problem here? I just don't get it. Love is blind?

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