Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anyone else...

... getting tired of the extreme arrogance and complete lack of class from the defending world champs?

Paul Pierce is annoying

“I think we feel very confident because we feel like we haven’t played good basketball yet,” Pierce said on Monday.

“We win [Game 2] and we feel like we should have won Game 1 and we just say, ‘I feel like this is pretty much our ‘C’game. We are not a team that gives up 100 points in consecutive games. I think our best is yet to come.”

The great unknown, of course, is whether this actually is as good as the Celtics can play – it’s hard, for instance, to see how Rondo can play any better – because, without Garnett, they are a much different defensive team. And that is where they are getting abused. The Bulls have already stolen home-court advantage and have succeeded in getting the Celtics to play an up-tempo game in both games. Should that trend continue, you have to like Chicago’s chances with its superior youth and athleticism. Clearly, playing in Boston does not rattle these guys.

On the otherside of the coin you have the Bulls tipping their cap:

"Tough loss, tough loss," Noah said, staring off into the distance. "Good shot. Good shot. Good shot. But we'll be ready on Thursday. We'll be ready on Thursday."

"It was fun," Gordon said. "It felt like we were at UConn in the summertime playing pickup. I knew he was going to break out eventually.We just didn't have an answer for him at the end."

"It was fun," Rose said. "Ray just hit a great shot over a 7-footer fading back. If that's not the shot you want him to take, I don't know what is."

I don't know if Pierce is an idiot or simply telling himself the lie to keep his team believing that they are going to win the series, but how about showing a little class and giving the Bulls a shred of credit? They've carved you up two games in a row and if they would have grabbed a few more rebounds on the defensive end they would be heading back to Chicago with a 2-0 series lead.

Oh and Kendrick... I guess it will happen again (since BG hung 42 on ya last night) although perhaps that wasn't anything he did either... and again it was all on you guys.

Blog-a-Bull's perfect summary of the game that happens to coincide with all of my Vinny hatred

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