Sunday, April 26, 2009

Game 4 Liveblog

****** DISCLAIMER *****

There is virtually nothing in this entire post worth reading.

Dan and I will be chatting as we watch the game. I'll post it periodically throughout ...

FIRST QUARTER: (Summary because nothing that Dan and I said is worth posting - we're off to a slow start like the Bulls.)

Crowd at the United Center is terrible. TERRIBLE.

Vinny took a good timeout when the Celtics went up 13-6.

Then made a terrible sub (taking D-Rose out).

Don't we need D-Rose to get into the rhythm of the game to have a chance?!

BG doesn't seem to have it today - which is bad.

Crowd still terrible.

19-14, need a stop then a bucket.

[Here's the chat from the rest of the 1st quarter]

Dan: bears drafted a WR
juaquin iglesias
Jim: yeah, that's good and we got some D-line help
Dan: we took a DL in the 3rd right?
Jim: yeah, then another in the 5th. the dood from the 5th round played RB for his first 2 years
Dan: know what pisses me off, we trade our 2nd rounder but Zona was askin for a second rounder for Boldin....why not make that deal?
Jim: no idea
that would have been awesome
Dan: ok with marbury in we need to close the gap
Jim: announcer "marbury trying to jam it in" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!
Dan: nicely done rose, he needs to drive like that...make it like game 1
Jim: yeah, we need him to get to the rim
and by "we" i mean "derrick rose"
and BG needs to get hot
19-16, slow start but we're in it
just need to stay close til after half, then we can get the crowd going (if theyre not all dead)

SECOND QUARTER: Score: 19-18

Dan: food just got here, you'll have to carry the chat for a few
Jim: BG hit a shot - that's a good sign
Scalabrini and Mikki Moore are on the floor. we HAVE TO make a run
Rose jumper! 16-2 run by the Bullies! TO Celtics!
we're finally getting to the rim and moving the ball
and playing with a little confidence
Bulls up 7. I almost heard the crowd. VDN wired ... this could get ugly: his offensive strategy "derrick ... blow right around them" really Vinny? that's it?!

Text from Kmart: "need to keep up the great ball movement. and finally a luol deng mention. has a single announcer acknowledged his injury yet? all you hear about is powe and kg" - all great points Kmart.

Jim: just screamed about the TT dunk - willy is awake and mad at me

[Ryan joins the chat]
Ryan: who is the white big man for boston?
he is terrible

Dan: back
had to eat some mexican food
Ryan: nice
Dan: that last foul was horseshit
Ryan: yeah
Dan: every time rondo hits the deck they call a foul
Ryan: miller should have kept his hands up anyway if he was coming in with the body
VDN must have agreed because he put the dinosaur back in
Jim: funny that nad bad brad is not the bulls big man referred to as the dinosaur
Dan: was that a semi-pro reference?
Jim: excellent analysis about scalabrini's head band
Ryan: haha yeah

that push shot floater has been working for rose
Dan: scalabrine is hilarious to watch on the floor
he looks like the guy at a pickup game that tries too hard
Jim: point of reference: 36-36, BG airballs a forced shot
Ryan: haha yeah
Dan: yeh that shot was awful
Jim: can't let him shoot that. have to foul and wrap up
well so far the bulls don't seem desparate at all. the D looks lazy
Dan: the transition D
Ryan: lazy on transition for sure

Dan: its a double edged sword because to be successful we want to play up tempo
but if we arent playing good transition d its going to bite us in the ass
Jim: yeah, but even when rose pushes he's not getting to the rim. just getting it upcourt then letting them setup
part of which has to do with them getting back

Ryan: he is either pulling up with that push shot floater that is working or he draws jackie moon and dishes to TT
if he finishes his drives he will draw fouls
Dan: dammit tyrus
Jim: that would have been awesome
Ryan: yeah
he has had a good game so far
Jim: this feels like a meaningless game
Ryan: strike that
what the hell
Jim: haha - TT looking ridiculous
Dan: i knew TT was going to force something up there
Ryan: he just had to throw up that bullshit right after I complimented him
Jim: 43-40, 1 minute til half
Dan: do you think scalabrine sings love me sexy on team plane rides?
i would make him if i was KG
Ryan: when he isn't blowing big baby in the airplane bathrooms
Dan: please big baby is definitely a bottom, he's blowing jackie moon
Jim: are we to dumb to go 2-for-1 with 35 seconds left
Dan: big 3 by miller there

Dan: have to finish strong
Ryan: im not going to hate
Jim: needed that
Dan: "brad miller does what he does best"?

Ryan: haha yeah i was laughing at that too
Dan: did he confuse him with reggie miller?
Jim: i need to go get some quiznos
Dan: at half i'm heading back to my place so i'll be gone for a bit
Ryan: just reheated some macoroni grill lasag
where you at now?
Dan: i had steak tacos with guac and chips
Jim: people should love reading this on the blog
Dan: well shit
Jim: damnit jesus shuttlesworth
Ryan: god damnit allen
Dan: ha, VDN calls a timeout with .8 left
i'm sure he has a play for this situation
Jim: this should be good
Ryan: haha yeah
van gundy looks like a retard
Dan: i hate that gordon cant fight through a screen
thats all they run for allen
great play vinny. jesus.
Ryan: that was the timeout worth play?

HALFTIME -- Boston leads 46-45

[We are in the game, but playing like this game means nothing. Can we act like this is a mist-win in the 2nd half?!]

Jim: ok, i gotta eat
i had to walk willy at half
Dan: jesus/....3 TOs already
not the start we're looking for
Pierece still ice cold...which is good
Ryan: yeah
he has defended OK but overall looked like shit this game
Dan: we need to make sure he stays cold...its a 4 point game without him busting out

Dan: another TO, 52-50 bulls and another transition defensive breakdown
not alot of good things happeneing there
Sent at 1:32 PM on Sunday
Jim: 2 quick things. on that fast break if gordon would have gone to the hoop instead of trying to stay behind the 3pt line - rose's pass would have led him to a layup. they called it a bad pass, but it was a dumb/lazy play by BG. and JVG just said TT could be "the best running big man in the NBA" if he wants to be ... really?? i hope he's right!
Dan: another TO
and a bad shot by TT
not liking how this quarter is going...we're lucky boston isnt taking advantage
Ryan: yeah
Dan: rondo gets way too many calls...its not like he's a superstar
Ryan: TT hasn't looked good since about halfway through the 2nd quarter
Dan: since your compliment
sox are down 2-1 midway through the 2nd
Ryan: cubs are off to a good start
Dan: nice follow by noah
great i hate the cubs
Dan: perkins is a bitch
Ryan: dirty ass
he has stretch marks all over
Dan: miller with 4 fouls...he is actually playing alright, so thats not good with 4 mins left in the 3rd (61-56 CHI)
Ryan: yeah
the press huh?
Jim: and i'm back
Ryan: i dont agree with pressing, they have been giving up buckets in transition and that is going to exacerbate the problem
Dan: scalabrine has 3 fouls
and true to form out of the press they got an uncontested layup
Ryan: god damnit tyrus
stupid foul, he was never going to get there
Dan: you really jinxed him

Dan: Heineken has really stepped up their game with the commercials lately
Ryan: agreed, your view might be skewed by the lack of quality in the 'double pits to chesty' commercial following it though
Jim: i like the cab one - just a friend
Dan: the walk in fridge one is hilarious too
Ryan: yeah
Jim: and dan's comment just made me realize that i was a minute behind live, or dan is a soothsayer
Dan: cant it be both?
Ryan: any commercial/song featuring ODB is OK in my book
Dan: another TO....jesus guys
Ryan: noah did well there
damnit jackie moon
Jim: the Bulls are not playing like this game means anything
Dan: nice maisel hands noah
Jim: TOs, lack of urgency
Dan: yet they're still up 65-63 somehow
tie game, scratch that
Jim: yeah, but it feels like a game where the best player will win it in the 4th
so we need rose to out-duel PP
Dan: pretty much
dont need pierce to get hot
Ryan: this is going to be a problem if he heats up
Jim: that's bad
Ryan: salmons has looked like shit the past 5 mins
god damnit
get him out
Dan: i think you mean the last 3 games
Jim: salmons sucks
Ryan: put in BG
how many fouls does ben have?
Jim: i dont know
Dan: he's riding a bike righ now
Ryan: haha yeah
Jim: but we need BG and Rose to get going in the 4th
Ryan: vinny benches people too early, like in game 1 when he sat rose after 2 fouls and he didn't have one the rest of the game
Jim: how are we losing by 5?
Dan: 12-0 run
thats how
Jim: that's because he doesnt know how to coach
so when something goes wrong (a foul, turnover, bad shot) he doesnt coach - he sits people
thats his solution
because he's an idiot
Dan: and in game 2 he forgot he had kirk and TT on his bench
hence lindsay hunter getting significant tick
Ryan: yeah
out of nowhere
Dan: everytime i see nash in a commercial i pray its for vitamin water



Jim: can you imagine someone wasting the time to raed all of this on the blog?
awesome start to the 4th kirk
Dan: KMart will be the only one to read it
there you go kirk....end the 13-0 run with a 3
Jim: we should start dissing all our players
Dan: kirk? taking over?
Jim: if they are going to react like that
Ryan: i was just going to say that jim
i complimented TT and he started sucking, and kirk just laid down a big FU to dan
Dan: 4 on jackie moon
Ryan: jackie moon laying down the hammer

Dan: if we can get perkins in foul trouble we win
Ryan: thats one of the many reason rose needs to be driving instead of dropping back for jump shots
Dan: wow where was the fuol there?
Ryan: that was garbage
Dan: fuol is what you called a foul on deng
i cannot type right now
me: did miller swing?
Dan: yeah
me: was that a punch?
Dan: gave him a shot to the dome
a quick push
me: good, hate the big baby
flagrant 1 on that whiny bitch
Dan: big baby sold that
look at that shit
what a pussy

Ryan: what the fuck?
Dan: and the refs are taking over for boston
Ryan: ejected?
Jim: what?!
Dan: hard to win when its 5 on 8
Ryan: you gotta be kidding me
Jim: what is this?!
Dan: this is embarassing for the officials
Ryan: big baby totally flopped
Jim: that was a nice shoulder throw tho, but that's a terrible call
Ryan: what the fuck are the announcers talking about
encouraging big baby to flop
bill winnington would punch him right in the taint for that
Dan: wennington
Dan: good they got it right
no ejection
Ryan: what is pathetic is i knew that didn't look right when i typed it, so it put it into google and it found a facebook page of 'bill winnington' so i rolled with it
Dan: 74 all.....10 mins left.....lets go rose
Ryan: great bound miller
Dan: (who is mysteriously on the bench)
Ryan: haha yeah
Jim: kirk taking over!
Dan: YES boston is making some mental errors. love it

Ryan: that cancels TT's retarded foul from earlier.
Dan: haha
only allen hit his 3 FTs
and kirk went 1-3
Ryan: god damnit kirk
that was good d
Dan: yeah
Jim: nice
Dan: house was looking for a foul
Jim: going to the line for 9 minutes
Dan: we need to hit some damn FTs
Ryan: this goes to OT and the bulls are in good shape with boston's whole lineup in foul trouble
yeah they do
Jim: imagine if we make some of them
Dan: did you guys hear that kevin garnett was hurt?
Ryan: we would be winning by 2 right now instead of losing if we just made our FTs
Jim: kevin garnett on the celtics? what happened??
Dan: apparently he's a good defender
Ryan: can you imagine doing a drinking game that involved the announcers mentioning his ass
Jim: drink when they show kg, chug when he says "f***er" on camera
Dan: if i had a dollar for every time Deng's injury was mentioned i'd have $1

Dan: Rose...just take over
do it
god...every time rondo hits the floor its a foul
Jim: yeah he can just sit down and wait for the whistle
Dan: ROSE!
Jim: get off D-ROSE
Ryan: its go time for rose
Jim: 84-81 bulls!! 6:15 left
Dan: he kept his pivot!!
what the hell?
Jim: i thought it didnt slide
Ryan: thats ok, he is driving and creating opportunities now
Jim: yeah, just dont let vinny talk to him during this TO
he'll ruin it
Dan: he'll probably bench him
Ryan: eva longoria or megan fox?
Dan: 3-3 in the sox game, 4th inning
Jim: fox
good question 3 years ago dood
welcome to 2009
Ryan: in their prime?

Dan: megan fox hasnt even hit her prime yet
Ryan: i dont know dude, i cant image her getting much more sexy than in Transformers
god damnit
Dan: she's got TUP
Jim: damnit
Dan: look at every celtics defender pinching in
terrified of rose's penetration
that was hardly sensational
the announcers need to calm down
Jim: that sucks
we can get that jumper late in the shot clock
no need to take it then
Dan: fuck off perkins
Ryan: thats 4 on perkins right?
Dan: got to be
Jim: the celtics have apparently never committed a foul
Dan: i hate that about them

KG and Pierce complain alot but they are stars and earned the right to chirp at the refs
but after winning last year their entire team acts like they can bitch about everything
and perkins is the worst
Ryan: that was almost a 2 handed airball from the dinosaur at the line
Dan: shit
Ryan: nice
Jim: ridiculous
Dan: god i love rose
Ryan: we need to shut down rondo's penetration and keep a hand in allens face outside
that is how they came back and won game 2 in boston
Jim: 88-87 3:45 left
Dan: can we sign him to a 20 year deal?
Jim: no way, terrible call
not in chicago
are you kidding me?
Dan: terrible
Rose is going to be ridiculous once he actually gets foul calls going his way
Jim: pierce thought he was fouled? really?
Ryan: yeah
there was absolutely nothing but ball on kirks strip
Dan: noah needs to man up on the boards
Ryan: yeah

get him the fuck out of there
Sent at 2:24 PM on Sunday
Ryan: brunette luvabull on the front right is the hottest
Dan: is Kings not on Sundays anymore?
Ryan: assuming k-mart isnt dancing at half time of course
Dan: its retarded how well rondo is playing against us
Jim: wow
Dan: how is that not an and 1?
Ryan: nice ben
Jim: yeah, should have been a foul
double teaming rondo would require coaching
Ryan: makeup call there
Dan: really need to stop the offensive boards
Jim: so we wont do it
Ryan: miller bumped him
Ryan: the man is unbelievable
Jim: bulls up 1 (91-90) - 2 minutes left
Ryan: yes
slow it down

kick it out, good decision
Dan: the announcers can insert "pierce wanted a foul" on every play
Ryan: i thought kirk was going to drive
Jim: i'm so nervous
Dan: me too dude
Jim: this game still has an odd feel to it
but its intense now
Dan: yeah, not nearly as intense as game 1 or 2
how the fuck do you let rondo get that board
Ryan: salmons god damnit
Dan: awesome
Ryan: he gone
Dan: no more perkins on the glass
Jim: yes
needed it
Ryan: jackie moon cannot stop rose on the drive
Dan: they finally called a foul on one of their screens
only took 4 games
Jim: "obviously he didnt mean to trip him" what?!!?
Ryan: who would you have in right now?
Jim: he is a dirty whiny bitch
of course he meant to do that

Dan: clearly
can humility be "off the charts"?
Ryan: TT, Miller, Rose, Ben, kirk
Dan: isnt that against the idea of humility if you chart it?
Jim: haha, maybe someone else is charting it
Dan: i would put noah in
Jim: and he thinks he should be on the charts - which is even more humble
Ryan: i wouldn't
Dan: with perkins out he'll be all ofver the place
Jim: miller keeps spacing
noah sets better screens
Ryan: noah lets allen shoot over him like it is his job
Dan: miller can hit a jumper tho
Ryan: game 2 ended with him switched ot allen and 2 buckets in a row
Dan: we have 0 rebounders in
Jim: yes
get that bitch another concussion
Dan: make up for the last charge
Ryan: TT should be in to defend
Dan: and guard the rim
52 seconds, lets go

Jim: rose has 4?
Ryan: salmons better box out this time
35 left tied up
Jim: my head might explode
hangover and playoff intensity is killing me
Ryan: set piece, rose drives with a kick to gordon
haha yeah
Dan: i want a quick bucket...give us some time if the celtics come back and score
Jim: vinny's not smart enough to go 2 for 1
Dan: boom
Jim: got to be rose drive, either score or kick to BG
Ryan: booyah
Dan: what a bad shot
and it still went in
Jim: what a ridiculous shot
Ryan: haha yeah
Dan: two possessions
Ryan: he was throwing up BS and it was falling in game 2
Dan: vinny did go 2 for 1
Jim: i am shocked
Ryan: one of the best scorers in the entire league?
Jim: vinny went for it and gordon somehow made that
Dan: he can fill it up
Jim: oh no doubt
top 10 scorer in the league
but does nothing else
Dan: bottom 10 defender
Jim: all the other scorers are complete
(see lebron and d-wade, 2nd and 3rd in dpoy)
Dan: wade had a crazy year
yeah no 3s guys
dont let ray allen shoot
Ryan: agreed
that killed htme
Dan: yes!!!!
Jim: oh TT
pass it
Dan: But why didnt thomas give it up?
Ryan: why did he not pass it there?
rose is wide open
Jim: rose was next to him
Dan: better hit one
Ryan: god damnit
Jim: shit
Dan: i'll be furious if he misses both
Jim: bulls up 95-93 16 seconds left
needs 1 FT
Dan: nice
Jim: YES!!!
Dan: 3 point lead
Ryan: if kirk went better for 1/3 after getting bumped earlier from the line it would be wide open
Dan: no shit
Dan: no shit
OT has to favor us if they tie it up
Ryan: that was the least exciting intro to the cavs game imaginable
Dan: no perkins
Ryan: yeah agreed
Jim: this is crazy
Dan: how do you let him open
Ryan: you have got to be kidding me
Jim: oh my god
Ryan: there is one person on the court to be worried about
Jim: you are joking
Ryan: god damnit
Dan: you know he's going to shoot
Jim: what else would the be looking for?
Dan: jesus shuttlesworth you cunt
Ryan: salmons souldnt have switched there
i hate reggie miller way more than jesus shuttlesworth
Dan: ok lets go
Jim: why were we switching

Jim: no TOs left??
Dan: ray allen just went cobra kai and swept miller's leg on that rebound
Ryan: yeah i saw that
i can't believe salmons switched there
Dan: they always switch
Jim: i'm crushed, that would have been huge for D-Rose
Ryan: yeah
tough shot
Dan: devils advocate: does gordon hit that shot?


and noah just lost a tipoff to davis
you have to be joking
Jim: are you joking me?
Ryan: you gotta be kidding me jackie moon
he was deep behind the line too
Jim: this crowd blows
Ryan: nice finish noah
Jim: that place should be rocking
and everyone is sitting, chatting'
Ryan: yeah
Dan: gordon just let him go there
no foul?
T him up
slamming the ball like an ass
Jim: huge shot
we need some stops
Dan: drained that
Jim: or a stop
Dan: both
Ryan: why is salmons taking all our shots
Jim: because we dont have an offense
Dan: he is shooing 25%
Jim: because vinny is an idiot
Dan: so it makes sense
Ryan: allen is killing us
Dan: i'm not pleased
Jim: i feel like we already lost
Dan: perkins being out doesnt matter if they are hitting all their shots

need a bucket now
get a stop
Ryan: way too casual from kirk
Dan: get
Ryan: that was much better d from kirk
Dan: jesus gordon
Ryan: he ripped it away from rose to do that?
Dan: get a huge offensive board
then shit the bed
i dont like that they refer to Bron as "23" in this kobe v. lebron commercial
there is only one 23
and he drinks gatorade
Sent at 2:55 PM on Sunday
Ryan: YES
great call
Dan: boom goes the mental mistake
Jim: YES
Dan: unreal
Jim: what an idiot!

Dan: you have to be kidding
Jim: and kirk is an idiot
Ryan: are you kidding me?
his FT shooting has been horrible tonight
Dan: missed 3 big ones
Ryan: you are a small white guy on an NBA team, maybe you should hit from the line
Dan: no excuse
Ryan: jackie moon, perkins and KG all out
Dan: way to swallow the whistle
fuck off refs
Ryan: that was terrible shot selection
and kirk got fouled for sure
Dan: he only got fouled twice on that play
Jim: that's terrible
its in chicago
Dan: a miss would be great here
Ryan: a nonmiss from kirk would have been great
Dan: great
Ryan: amazing
that was clutch
Dan: i feel 1000% better that we're down 2 and not 3

Jim: yeah
but now is it rose or BG?
Dan: rose drive
thats what i want
Ryan: you cant argue against that but boston did collapse on him leaving ben space during the last play in regular time
im indifferent
what i dont want is a shot from salmons
Dan: they have fouls to give too
Ryan: but i would take him draining a 3 to make me look bad for hating
Dan: so they're going to foul with like 8 seconds left
Ryan: yeah
Dan: nevermind the foul thing
Jim: he might be daed
he cant shoot
Dan: and now we have to rely on him for 2 FTs
jesus thats a fall
Ryan: come on
Jim: wow
Dan: i'm in shock
we have a timeout left
Jim: now we have to foul and we do need a 3 if they make both
not what we wanted at all
Dan: its pretty much the exact opposite of what i want
Jim: 108-107, celtics ball, 9 seconds left in OT
Dan: good job fouling allen
he's terrible from the line
Ryan: yeah
Sent at 3:06 PM on Sunday
Dan: do you want gordon shooting this even though he almost died on the court a minute ago?
Jim: who else do we have?
Dan: no one
Dan: so clutch its sick
Dan: in pierce's face
Ryan: we cannot let allen shoot here
Jim: still time left
Dan: haha see him grab his nuts?
Ryan: i love the nuts grab after
Dan: amazing
Ryan: thats amazing
Dan: hey ryan, get out of my head
Jim: saw it in real time
hence my all caps comment
Ryan: do not foul, and pick up allen after they pick for him on the inbound
Jim: its a double screen
Ryan: great d
Jim: guess not
allen didnt move
Ryan: a jump shot from rondo is perfect in that situation
Dan: that wasnt the play
Jim: i cant take this
Dan: couldnt have been
if it wasnt for free throws...
Ryan: yeah seriously
i wonder what the bulls are collectively from the line
Dan: for the record, gordon's 3 was way more impressive

TIED 110-110

Dan: noah, win the tip against davis please
Jim: clutch
Dan: keep shooting davis
Ryan: well done
Dan: and get rondo out....5 fouls now
Ryan: great bound from rose
keep driving on him
Jim: that was a man's rebound
Dan: no way he wasnt shooting there
Jim: forced shot
Dan: even tho that was awful
Jim: but oh well
Dan: heat check
Jim: BG can keep firing at this point
Dan: this series is taking years off my life
its basically like i've been smoking for 10 years
get the board, dammit
Ryan: great d, terrible boarding
Jim: yes
yes yes yes
Ryan: hell yeah
Dan: big play
we've been screwing up 2 on 1 breaks all series
Ryan: did you see the ginger kid in the front row?
Dan: scalabrine?
Ryan: he has hair like him, haha
it is his illegitimate bulls fan child
Dan: scalabrine sounds like something you order at an italian restaurant
"i'll have the veal scalabrine"
Ryan: scalabrine's love child = best NBA scandal ever
Jim: i might throw up
Ryan: what is the point of that taco salad?
Jim: are the cavs pistons on after this?
Ryan: yeah
they are in the 2nd
i believe
Jim: it was sarcasm
Dan: huge noah huge
Ryan: haha yeah
Jim: stu scott's lazy eye has told me that like 51 times
Dan: great block
Ryan: didnt catch that
Jim: brady just texted me from the game
and matrix is 2 rows behind him
Dan: i got that too
Good play there...dammit
Ryan: great pass
Jim: should be and 1
Dan: yup
Ryan: the dinosaur taking over
Dan: dude he is
Jim: noah!!!
Dan: another block
Ryan: joakim has played awesome d thee last 2 possessions
Dan: needed a better play there
Ryan: this should be in the bag
Jim: he might have a heart attack
Dan: hit some FTs and it will be
Ryan: play d and make FTs
Dan: nice
22-30 from the stripe smitty
seems worse than that tho
Ryan: yeah
Dan: lots of key misses
Ryan: it must just be the clutch shots
Dan: namely all of hinrich's misses
Dan: two days ago i didnt want to resign BG
now i want to
he's a hard player to be a fan of
Ryan: i voted 'reasonable contract for a 6th man'
Dan: me too
why did there have to be a 3 point play there? just when i begin to relax
i need a Tums
Jim: wow
Scary inbounds
Dan: god damn hit these FTs
yeah that was a horrible out of bounds play
finally some clutch throws
Jim: terrible play, but at least we got the call
Dan: yeah
that was lucky
i hate the bulls.
just put them away
Ryan: this is rediculous
why can we not just lock up a win?
Dan: thats the difference in coaching
we need a foul call to bail us out on a bad inbounds play
they draw that awesome play up
Ryan: yeah
all their inbound stuff has been good
thats how they got allen open to nail a 3 earlier
Dan: come on salmons...need both of these
Ryan: nice
Dan: big win
Ryan: they made me nervous but pulled it off
Dan: this series is ridiculous
Jim: wow
huge win
Dan: ok, i need to go lie down for awhile after that

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