Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 5 Preview & Links

Quick turnaround (and travel to Boston) after an epic Game 4, that's got to favor a younger Bulls team. Pierce has been carrying them for months, and must be tired. Rondo cannot possibly keep this up, can he? (The basketball fan in me wants to say yes, but the Bulls fan hopes NO!)

I think D-Rose and our young bigs should be able to run their bigs out of the gym (tire them out, get them some cheap fouls, etc.) Just as I said in my Game 4 Preview: "Maybe we can actually get Rose going to the hoop to get their limited bigs in foul trouble ... but is Vinny smart enough to try an actual strategy?? I'm pretty sure it will be in spite of whatever Vinny does, but I believe in D-Rose coming up big, so I've got the Bulls in a close one."

Again, they have 4 bigs available tonight, and two of them are Brian Scalabrini and Mikki Moore ... Vinny, can you please take advantage?!

Links ...

ESPN Game Preview
Last year Boston was tied 2-2 in its series with Atlanta, Cleveland and Detroit, going on to beat the Hawks and Cavaliers in seven games and the Pistons in six. They won the NBA title in six games over the Los Angeles Lakers.

But that team had Kevin Garnett, Leon Powe, James Posey and P.J. Brown as part of a defensively intimidating frontcourt. In these playoffs Garnett and Powe are sidelined with knee injuries, Posey is with the New Orleans Hornets and Brown is retired.

"We're short-handed and we're trying to work our way through that," Boston coach Doc Rivers said.

The problem was compounded Sunday when starting center Kendrick Perkins and reserve forward Brian Scalabrine fouled out.

Rivers said he won't allow his players to complain about fouls. Then he did that himself while dropping a hint for Tuesday night's officials.

Read that last part again: "Rivers said he won't allow his players to complain about fouls." Now try not to laugh when you watch these whiny, bitching Celtics complain all night tonight!!

Kmart beat me to linking to this great article.

Is BG playing??

And in case you forgot what Game 4 was like ...

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