Monday, April 20, 2009

Ummm seriously?

Not to bump Jim's excellent post any, but this needed to be addressed.

Del Negro finishs 11th in Coach of the Year

Eleventh place might not be that shocking for Vinny Del Negro to finish in Coach of the Year voting. This is: Del Negro received a first-place vote. He also received one second- and one third-place vote to finish with nine points, six behind Celtics counterpart Doc Rivers and three points ahead of Bobcats'Larry Brown. Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown won the award, followed by Houston's Rick Adelman and Orlando's Stan Van Gundy.

Seriously? Do these people even watch the NBA? How is it that Vinny recieved any votes let alone a first-place vote?

Also needed to address this from Jim's post:

Case No. 4: Although the early phase of Jordan's tenure was marked with Kevin Loughery, Stan Albeck and Doug Collins at the coaching helm, it was Phil Jackson who molded Jordan and the Bulls into champions. Jackson took the job with no prior head coaching experience in the NBA. How much prior NBA head coaching experience did current Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro have before assuming the job this season? Just like Jackson, none.

For Jerry Bonkowski of to imply that Phil Jackson's coaching expirience was virtully the sames a Vinny Del Negro's is both irrational and irresponsible. Jackson was a championship head coach in the CBA before jumping to the NBA in 1987 to be the Bulls assistant coach before moving to head coach in 1989. Vinny on the other hand has never coached anywhere at any level and there is a clear difference between the two.

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2j said...

Excellent thought on the Phil/VDN experience. Glad you pointed that out - I thought it was a moronic comparison.

I also hate anyone who voted for VDN. There are too many voters, and the vote should not be anonymous. If you have the balls (read: lack of basketball IQ) to vote for an idiot rookie head coach who cannot draw up a play, you should be outed in public.

[I tried to imply how bad Vinny has been in my Season Preview Review: "The recent surge and playoff birth should ensure that Vinny will keep his job for next year. But should he really get the credit? Or should it go to Rose for learning on an ultra-fast curve? Pax for pulling off the trade so Rose has another slasher (Salmons)? And a big man who can shoot in the pick-and-roll (Mad Bad Brad)?"]

That being said, Mike Brown basically deserves the award for hiring his "offensive coordinator": John Keuster (because prior to that, the LeBrons offense was stand and watch).

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