Thursday, April 2, 2009

More info on the Pace signing...

Tackle Pace agrees with Bears -
The Bears have agreed to a three-year deal, $15 million deal with free agent Orlando Pace, a source told's John Clayton. His first-year payout, according to the source, is $6.1 million.

Just some added information from the updated article...


2j said...

Did we overpay for Cutler? It appears that we did. But a draft pick in the NFL is not the same as a draft pick in the NBA. NFL picks have value because they are virtually random chance, so quantity (having more picks) is a good way to increase your chance of getting lucky and having one work out. Oftentimes it doesn't work out, especially for the Bears (i.e., Curtis Enis, Rashan Salaam, Cade McKnown).

Legit franchise quarterbacks are difficult (nearly impossible) to find, so when you have a chance to get a young, (potentially-)franchise QB, you do it. Draft picks come and go (ask Tim Couch), but getting a QB who has performed at the NFL level is worth a couple draft picks any time.

I love the Pace signing. If we are spending money, shouldn't we take a $5M flyer on Marvin Harrison? I realize the economy blows, but the Bears will sell out every ticket and every luxury box regardless.

We have a QB, imagine if we had Harrison as a possession receiver, Olson as TE, and Hester as a deep threat.

All of a sudden we actually have an offense that could WIN some games, instead of hoping the D can keep us close or win it for us all the time.

Kmart said...

I like the thought on Harrison, but I think for virtually the same money you could get Tory Holt. As I mentioned to Dan... he's younger, has less wear on the tires, and fewer (alleged) gun warrants.

DC said...

I think we had to overpay for Cutler...this was at least a 5 team race to get Jay in Chicago (Bears, Vikings, Skins, Lions, Jets). In those situations you are going to have to pay $1.00 to get $.75 in return. I think at the end of the day it will be a good deal for the Bears. We have a young stud QB (I can count on no hands how many times we've had that in my lifetime) we had to give up a few picks. That was the price we had to pay and I'm personally glad we did.

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