Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe next year ...

A Bulls highlight will make the playoff video (via TrueHoop)

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That same TrueHoop link above has a section devoted to Celtics v. Bulls links.

ESPN's Bulls / Celtics match-up page. Nothing too exciting, but maybe you're bored.


Kmart said...

Not a single spectacular Derrick Rose play in the entire video.

Instead we get little gems from Steve Nash, Vince Carter (both not in the playoffs) and even a Richard Jefferson highlight... on the Nets.

Thanks TNT... great work out there.

Chicago And You said...

Yeah, there was even a SHAQ sighting in that video. Even I know SHAQ ain't in the playoffs.
So to quote my favorite TV show character Fred G. Sanford......TNT, You BIG Dummy!

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