Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bulls get 7th seed and date with the Celtics

Two thirds of the BBS contributors got their wish Wed. night as the Bulls laid an egg at home playing 40 minutes of uninspiring basketball against Chris Bosh's future former team.  (It could have very well been 3/3rds except for whatever odd reason, last night I chose to pick neither opponent and simply go on an "I Hate Vinny" Rant)

The Bulls playoff destination was sealed when Mike Brown chose to sit LeBron and his merry band of pre-game photographers the entire game against the 76ers, thus giving me just one more reason to hate the Cleveland Cavilers.  

While I am trying to stay positive and cling to any shards of hope, the Bulls looked bad tonight... real bad.  And while I would love to believe that the Bulls can win this series, I cannot for the life of me conceive any possible combination of play that would allow the Bulls to win a game on Boston's home court.

Hopefully tonight was just a let down in a trap (I use this term very lightly since it was to lock up a playoff seed) game.  Let's also pray every night until the series starts that John Salmons isn't seriously injured and will be near 100% so as to avoid Paul Pierce averaging 45 ppg against the dynamic duo of Kirk and Tim Thomas (see: Matrix 34 pts tonight).

**Paging Luol Deng and the $74 million dollars we could be saving with Geico... Please feel free to show up and be healthy next season**

Bulls in 7... FML.

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