Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some links ... (Bull Bear Sock style)

I was almost hesitant to post today because I didn't want to see the last two posts slide down lower in the blog. But I'll start with links to them to make sure they're still easy to access:

Kmart's love/hate relationship with the Bulls' playoff push.

DC's would you rather for the postseason.

Bill Simmons recently said (in a podcast) that he thinks the Bulls can take out the Magic in round 1. I have my doubts, but we'll see. He also recently posted his MVP column, and Derrick Rose made the list -
19. Derrick Rose
Kudos to our 2009 Rookie of the Year for (a) spearheading an unexpected playoff push that reached dueling "I am rooting against the Sixers so Chicago will leapfrog them and Boston won't have to play the Bulls" and "Orlando better not fall asleep in Round 1 against these guys or they will lose" status about two weeks ago; and (b) figuring out how to juggle shots for Ben Gordon and John Salmons (two of the NBA's biggest "I gotta get mine" guys) and keeping them relatively happy. I wouldn't want to be in charge of ordering lunch for Ben Gordon and John Salmons, much less distributing their shots.

Big game to close out the season tonight
If Chicago (41-40) loses and the slumping 76ers win, the Bulls will drop to seventh and face defending world champion Boston.

"It's so tight right now that every game is needed," said Chicago rookie coach Vinny Del Negro, whose team has won 14 of 15 at home by an average of 12.1 points.

Monday's 91-88 victory over Detroit dropped the Pistons into eighth and assures the Bulls of at least the No. 7 spot.

"This guarantees we avoid Cleveland in the first round, and that's big," Chicago center Brad Miller said.

The way the Bulls have been playing, though, they will likely enter their first playoff series in two seasons with plenty of confidence. After losing its third straight -- 104-101 at Philadelphia on March 13 -- Chicago has won 12 of 15.

A victory on Wednesday would give the Bulls their first six-game winning streak since taking seven in a row from Nov. 25-Dec. 8, 2006.

The NBA's regular-season grind hasn't slowed down Derrick Rose at all. The rookie point guard is averaging 19.0 points and 6.8 assists during Chicago's winning streak. He's also scoring 16.8 points per game and averaging a rookie-best 6.3 assists.

I'm not normally fan of Scoop Jackson, but this is a pretty good article on this blog's favorite subject: D-Rose -
In the words of Kanye West, he's so Chi that he's bashful.

But don't get it twisted. Don't mistake the shyness for being soft. He's not like that. What the Bulls have in Derrick Martell Rose is more than just the future of the franchise. At only 20 years old and just finishing his first full NBA regular season Wednesday night, Rose is a budding prodigy. And very soon, he'll also be able to call himself Rookie of The Year.


Jackson: Has this year changed you at all? As a person?

Rose: Yeah [sigh]. I think I've matured a little bit more -- off the court and on the court. Just looking at what my teammates do when they are off the court, when they're in their hotel rooms, they don't really go out, they don't go to, like, the fast food restaurants. They go to places where they can get grilled chicken and healthy things like that. And the way I dress, I dress totally different than I did when I was in college. I have to -- try to -- look professional. You change a lot when you are in the NBA, but I know where I came from.

Chicago Bears schedule released, and broken down ...

Get your old Scotty Pods jersey out of the closet, he's back like MJ -
Outfielder Jerry Owens will have a chance to fail. If he doesn't come through rather quickly, Podsednik would be called up to try and recreate the magic he supplied in his first stint with the White Sox. Keep in mind Podsednik has a history of groin and hernia problems.

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