Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game 6 Tonight

So will the Celts come back to Chi-town and own the Bulls like in Game3? Or are we going to see another roller-coaster-thrill-ride-almost-have-a-heart-attack type of game?! I'm excited. I was going to watch the game at my apartment with Willy, but the girlfriend (with a straight face) asked me: "What if you have a heart attack and you're not with anyone?" Seriously.

I'm taking the Bulls. I see Rose redeeming himself with a big game in front of the home crowd. I see an energized Noah getting the UC fired up. I see Kendrick Perkins getting called for (at least) 1 foul. And more than anything, I hope to see Big Bad Brad put that little scumbag Rondo flat on his back.

This is the Bulls chance to take a stand. To announce their legitimacy for the next 10 years. They should come out raging and never look back at this whining, bitching bunch of whiny bitches. Bulls by double-digits, you heard it here first.

Links ...

Plenty of links at the ESPN Bulls-Celtics series page.

Rankings from HoopsWorld -
4/29/09 - The first round is nearly over; it's safe to say that the Boston Celtics/Chicago Bulls series is the best of the bunch. They've already played through four periods of overtime full of clutch shots, punches to the face and even a little blood. It's shame they can't just keep playing each other through May.
8 (8) Chicago Bulls 41 - 41 So now what do the Bulls do with Ben Gordon? Can you let him walk after all the big playoff shots he's hit against the Celtics?

Focused on Kirk? -

Forget Derrick Rose or Ben Gordon.

As far as some Celtics are concerned, Kirk Hinrich has come from nowhere -- OK, the bench -- to have the biggest target on his back.

"We first have to stop Kirk Hinrich," Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said. "He just can't keep coming in and hurting us and giving them a spark. We shut Kirk Hinrich down and we can close out the series."

Sounds good, I'd love to see Rose and BG go off tonight.

Bulls have 2 choices -
The Bulls have two simple choices at point of tipoff for Game 6 against Boston tonight:

(1) They can come out and play ''mouse ball,'' act like nothing cutthroat happened on the deciding play in Game 5 when Rajon Rondo pitch-slapped Brad Miller and watch Ben Gordon hop-step around the court chasing his jump shot like it's ''Disco Week'' on ''American Idol.''
With 3 OT games, series ranks with best NBA 1st-rounders, but, oh, that non-call

If they've already decided that's all that's left in the tank, they also can go online this morning and get a head start on their early May reservations for Maui or Antigua.

Or (2) they can summon the spirits of Norm Van Lier, Dennis Rodman et al., and play the game the way the Celtics want it played -- a war of wills in which the last team standing wins.

Critical to No. 2 is the clear message some Bull must send on one of Rondo's first trips into the paint: You goin' down, ace.

Instant classic -
Through five games, the Bulls' series with the Boston Celtics has been an instant classic. Three overtime games (a total of four extra periods) and countless clutch performances have produced more mood swings than a truckload of antidepressants.

It's not hyperbole to suggest the best-of-seven series could go down as the best first-round series of all time when it concludes. It's already the first series in NBA history -- in any round -- to have three games go into overtime.


Poster said...

i don't think brad will retaliate - but i could see noah pulling out some rodman action

-c butts

Kmart said...

I'll be wearing the red at the UC tonight... I hope I'm lovin in live like game four and not loathing it live like game three.

Bulls in a close one.

Please for the love of God Vinny can we run a double team at Paul Pierce in the 4th quarter!?!?!

DC said...

I bet the refs try to keep it from becoming a blood bath by calling everything in the early going...if i was the coach i'd tell the bulls to come out disciplined and see if the celtics can pick up some cheap fouls and get frustrated.

...but you know, if Rondo is driving the lane and gets killed on a quasi-dirty foul (not headhunting or anything), that'll be deserved

2j said...

Dan, you are assuming Vinny is going to tell them something intelligent?!?!? HAHAHAHA

DC said...

i said if i was the coach....

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