Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick hits from TrueHoop...

Joakim Noah is providing an essential service to the Chicago Bulls: Providing personality. (Tiny bit PG-13.) Brendan Jackson of CelticsHub with more on that topic: "It's almost a guarantee that when the whistle blows on a time out or a foul away from the ball, the player with the ball will take a free shot at the basket while the refs sort out the foul or the players retreat to their benches. It's also a well known fact that Boston, due to Kevin Garnett's philosophy and intensity, don't let their opponents shoot or at least see that ball go through the basket. In the first quarter of today's game, Doc called a timeout when Rondo had the ball in his hands. Like clockwork, Rondo attempted to get that free shot, when, out of nowhere, Joakim Noah came over and blocked the shoot back into his face. It seemed symbolic for two reasons: 1) It showed the the Bulls were not going to go quietly or be pushed around, Nope. No repeats of game three. 2) It seemed like the Bulls were taking a play out of the Celtics philosophy book."

It's killing me that I'm really starting to get on the Noah bandwagon...he was my least favorite Bulls draft pick ever at the time (until they picked Aaron Gray one round later). He was huge in OT last night. With Perkins fouled out of the game he made his presence felt with a couple blocks and big if our bigs could only do that when Perkins is in the game...

Also, not Bulls but pretty impressive...

Chris Lofton, 17 of 22 from downtown in a Turkish League game. Think about that. The former Tennessee player has also survived cancer. There's a story in there, for sure. (Thanks, Fatih.)

Launching 22 3-pointers is incredible enough...but actually hitting 17? I don't care what league he's in, that's good.

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