Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Limited blogging ...

I don't have wireless set up in the new apartment yet, so I am only using my desktop - which limits my blogging because I have a separate "NBA browser" (google chrome) on my laptop. Should be fixed next week, so I'll have more links.

Loved Dan's point about MJ below (quoting Simmons mailbag). Also, Simmons had a pretty good response to the 33% from 3PT vs. 50% from 2 argument in part 1 of the mailbag, check it out.

NBA players tweet, and Mark Cuban is OK with it. This blog (bullbearsock) also tweets, follow here.

Salmons is hurt -

John Salmons said this is the third time this season he has been bothered by a groin injury. Salmons didn't play Tuesday and is expected to undergo an MRI exam today.

''At [the morning] shootaround, it was hurting pretty bad,'' said Salmons, who also was unable to play the fourth quarter and overtime in the loss Sunday at Toronto. ''We've got a couple of days off to see if it can heal up and try to play Saturday [at home against New Jersey].''

Are assists easier to get now? They are definitely easier to get at home -
For nine of the NBA's 30 teams, the gap between road and home assists performance is at least 8%. Denver's spread was the biggest: more than 17% at home.


Bears could get Cutler?! -
Chicago not only has the No. 18 overall pick in the draft, but it also has Kyle Orton -- whose future with the Bears would end anyway if they acquire Cutler. You'll never mistake Orton for Cutler, but he would give the Broncos a solid option during this shaky transition period. Orton's favorable contract status -- his deal expires after 2009 -- gives the Broncos some flexibility as well.

So how about it? Orton, the No. 18 overall pick and perhaps one more draft choice for Cutler? All things being equal, a two way deal is always easier to pull off.

I'm sure they won't though.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to disagree with giving up our 1st rounder to get Cutler. If he doesn't have a WR to throw to or a lineman to protect him what good will it do to trade Orton, 1st and 3rd/4th rounder.

I think they should offer Orton plus a 3-5th rounder and a future 1-2nd rounder.

We need Cutler and the 1st rounder this year.

Not to mention, Bears are considering a DE at #18 and we were last in the NFL last year in sacks by DE's.

We need it.

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