Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid Rondo

From the MOST homer-iffic of Boston fans, Bill Simmons -

Q: Should Dwight Howard be suspended for Game 6 for whistling a malicious elbow at Sam Dalembert's head?

A: Yes. Unequivocally. If the 2006-07 Suns can lose their best player for a game because he reacted to the sight of his best teammate getting thrown against the scorer's table like a rag doll and ran 15 feet without doing anything, then Orlando can lose its best player for a game because he nearly ruined Sam's face. Actually, he should have been tossed from Game 5, but the refs didn't have the testicular fortitude to do it. So this is the next best thing.

Q: Should Rajon Rondo be suspending for Game 6 for raking Miller across the face?

A: Yes. Because he admitted afterward that it was kinda, sorta intentional. But here's why the league WON'T suspend him: The NBA would be admitting the officials blew that call. So, they'll fine Rondo and admonish him in a statement, and that will be that. Gotta keep the illusion going that NBA referees don't suck! Hold on, I'm not done.

But of course, the Bulls get screwed and Rondo's "non"-flagrant stands as called -
Rajon Rondo did not commit a flagrant foul against Brad Miller.

Says who? The NBA, that's who.

The league office ruled Wednesday that the referees acted properly when they did not assess a flagrant foul against the Boston guard after he whacked Chicago's Miller in the mouth with two seconds remaining in Game 5 of the Boston Celtics-Chicago Bulls series Tuesday night.
"We felt Rondo was making a basketball play and going for the ball after a blown defensive assignment by the Celtics team," Jackson said.

Really?! Even after he said this -

"He's probably 290, maybe more," Rondo said. "I'm a little guy, so I had to go for the foul hard. I wasn't trying to go for his head, but I think he went up with his right hand and I tried to make sure he couldn't finish or get an and-one."

And considering this -
Check out this photo. TrueHoop reader Markel points out that Rondo's hand is closed, which makes it tough to conceive as a play on the ball.

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