Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick thoughts from the opener...

Now this is all after one game (and a win at that) so it should mostly be taken with a grain of salt...

- I doubt Wise is going to be the answer in the leadoff position. He wasn't working the count and he needs to learn to bunt a runner over, especially in games where we're struggling to get baserunners in scoring position. My friend Nick is already predicting Anderson will be starting by June.

- Our 4-7 hitters are all slooooow...we're not going to beat many teams with speed this year.

- The silver lining in Buehrle's outing was that, even though he had a bad day, he got some big outs when he needed them to minimize the damage (4 shutout innings from the pen doesn't hurt either).

- Thome still has a ton of power. He crushed that homer.

- You don't wave Dye around third on a line drive single that gets to Jose Guillen (who has a cannon) on one bounce.

- In the battle of nachos, the United Center is winning. Jalapeno quality at the Cell was severely lacking today.

- Beers went up to $6.75 from the vendors (pretty sure they were $6.50 last year)...never a good thing. And they also won't sell you a new beer if you have any left in your last beer.

- The premium hot dogs, however, were delicious and worth the extra money.

All in all it was a good day because it was a win...but the Sox didn't have a great outing overall. The bright spots were Thome, Getz and the stellar work from the pen. Let's get win no. 2 tomorrow.


2j said...

Maybe you should just drink your beer faster. BURN!!!!!!!

DC said...

at $6.75 each in this economy? No se puede!

DC said...

oh another thing that I forgot to mention about the opener...the new scoreboard in left field is SICK looks like a giant ESPN gamecast.

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