Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garnett out for Playoffs?

Rivers: Garnett likely out for playoffs

All aboard the optimism train!


DC said...

Bulls in 6?

Kmart said...

A lot will depend on Salmons health? He's had 3-4 sub-par games in a row and does not seem healthy. If he's not available to guard Paul Pierce, we're going to have serious matchup problems; which will probably lead to the first, only, and last time I'll ever say: "I wish we still had Thabo."

2j said...

Bulls in 3 - you heard it here first!

DC said...

I say Salmons pulls a 2008 Pierce and fakes a knee injury at a crucial point in a game, get carried off the court, then return "triumphantly" (because you weren't hurt to begin with) to inspire the Bulls to victory.

Make it happen. I'm entirely serious.

Duckfart said...

That is fantastic. Thank you 76ers for pulling out an OT victory against the Cavs 2nd squad.

Duckfart said...

By the way, over at our place, we have been debating the "All-Pedofile" team. So far we have Rajon Rondo and Isiah Thomas. The basic requirements is that they just have that pervert face, looks like a future child molester, and could easily be confused with a member of the Jackson family.

One could argue Adam Morrison would fit the criteria, but the last rule I stated is the most important. We are going for more of the "Motown" pedofile, as opposed to the dime-a-dozen hillbilly kind.



Pete said...

bulls in 6!

DC said...


Here's a few for your list:

Sheldon Williams
Sam Cassell
Popeye Jones
Gheorghe Muresan (Euro pedophile?)
Nick Van Exel

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