Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not a flagrant...nothing to see here....move along....

Trying to not be bitter (really I am, but there not making it easy) about this because the Bulls were up 11 in the 4th Quarter and shouldn't have needed OT to win...but anyone who says the above play was not a flagrant foul is intellectually deficient. Which, by definition, makes them a Boston sports fan.

Look at the picture...try and argue he was making a play on the ball. Rondo's entire body is behind Miller except for his closed fist strategically placed on his jaw. Yet the experts on ESPN showing their Boston/NYC bias argued that the foul was not flagrant and Miller was too big so Rondo couldn't get to the ball. That was Legler's explanation last night. Seriously.

This call was just the icing on the cake from another homecooked game in Boston. Man just think how well the Bulls would be doing if it was only 5 on 5 instead of 5 on 8.

And it also looks like Pierce is throwing up gang signs again! Suspend him Stern!

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DC said...

with how physical this series has been...and how physical (and cheap) a player Perkins is, this is laughable: Kendrick Perkins placed his name in august company with an odd accomplishment, if you can call it that, in the Celtics' 106-104 overtime win over the Bulls. Perkins played 48 minutes without committing a personal foul. The only other starting centers to do that in an NBA playoff game were Wilt Chamberlain (five times) and Bill Russell (twice).
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